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Peta Bayman
Performing in a storm
In this interview Peta talks about what organisations need to do to succeed when the going gets tough.
Focusing on organisational health instead of business fitness.

Peta  draws on the work of The Five Dysfucntions of Teams by Patrick Lencioni to talk about developing organisational health.
Building sustainable cultures
In this interview Peta talks about how organisations can build cultures that sustain results.

Peta draws on the Integral Model (Ken Wilber) to talk about where and how an organisastion needs to work.

For information on the tools mentioned, see The Leadership Circle.  Facilitating Results are acredited in the tools of The Leadership Circle.

Leading in times of rapid change

Peta Draws on the Work of Adpative Leadership (Heifetz and Linsky) to talk about the kind of challenges and approaches leaders can take in times of rapid change.