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Our work is based on a recognition of and the need to focus on all aspects of being human for true development

When working with you we take a holistic approach. For us this means working with the following four aspects;

The Mind (IQ) Intellectual Capacity: creative thinking and problem solving, whole systems, mental challenges, deep thinking, holding complex models, latest research and valid data.

The Physical (PQ) Our Physical Capacity: Physical energy is the fundamental source of fuel, even if our work is almost completely sedentary. It not only lies at the heart of alertness and vitality but also affects our ability to manage emotions, sustain concentration, think creatively AND maintain commitment.
We need strategies to maintain high energy levels.
When we work with you our designs, delivery, facilitation, consulting, content and coaching are created with this in mind.
The Spirit (SQ) as Spiritual Intelligence: engagement with the real questions of meaning and purpose. Working with personal values and understanding the organisations core values and purpose. Finding a place of alignment within the organisation they work in, reducing individual/organisational dissonance. Engaging, direct and authentic passion in individuals and groups.

The Emotions (EQ) Our Emotional Intelligence: understanding the self, managing our own emotions, buildING rapport and deep relationships with colleagues and clients, developing influence skills in a range of settings and on number of levels, identifying, nurturing leadership capacity.
Facilitating Results is a strategic training and consulting firm that was established in 1997. We assist organisations to deliver sustainable business results through executive team development and executive coaching and improving organisational cultural health.  We also custom design learning and development solutions, including leadership development.  We are committed to building strong, partnering client relationships.