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We begin the change you want to see by firstly understanding your current reality.  We do this by collecting data.  This  thorough needs analysis  can also include the use   of  360° tools.
Transformational Development - The Journey
Leadership Cuture Surveys - evaluate your current leadership team culture against your desired culture, gain insight into how your group compare to a norm group in general or your industry in particular.  Evaluate how your leadership team is perceived by others in the organisation, test for shared realities or gaps in perception.
Individual  360 - this tool is based on the latest research and focuses on key leadership strengths which are directly linked to driving business results.
Custom designed skills development - where and when needed our programs are highly tailored and designed to support development goals.
"The development of our leadership teams is delivering better decision making, faster & better operational solutions and  development with stakeholders. We have also achieved last years exceptional commercial result by using the techniques developed through the Senior Management Group to avoid silos, blaming, tensions. We still have some way to go but I think we are past achieving critical mass inside our organisation and I think we are 3-6 months away from having self-sustaining circles of conscious management & leadership" -  Country Manager for Australian, a leading International microbiology company

Current Reality
A 360° review takes a snapshot of the current situation and points to  any blocks as well as where to focus development for maximum impact. These reviews help ensure the focus for the work we do is as specific as possible, directing  resources for maximum return.
Individual and team coaching - we work  with you in real time on your current business challenges. This provides vital 'live' feedback for instant improvement. This also means the investment you make works much harder for you.

Communication and Cascade Plans: We support you through the process of developing your communication to the organisation about leadership development and support the process of cascading your intention to the whole organisation.

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