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Making Training Magic…

For the very first time we are delivering a public program for one of our most successful in house courses, Making Training Magic. One of the reasons for doing this is that there are few courses in the public domain that cover the content we cover in this program.  So whether someone is a manger, trainer, coach or just someone who wants to do a better job at presenting and influencing we believe this course would be an excellent investment in their own development.
What others have said…

"Making training magic is a sensational 3-day program that fundamentally changed the way I trained and facilitated. I’ve been training and facilitating for over 15 years now and the training I receive through MTM with Facilitating Results persists as the foundation for much of the work I do.

As with any skills training, ensuring that the transfer of knowledge and skills leads to a sustained behavior
change is one of the key aims. Furthermore, this behavior should support you to achieve your desired results. MTM is one of the few course I have attended that have had this lasting impact.
The proof is in the continued excellent feedback I get from participants not only after the workshop, but even
years after sighting the training as a memorable and meaningful event.
I acknowledge that much of this
is ongoing positive feedback stems from the MTM course and in particular the wisdom and experience of Peta and Robyn. If you are someone who doing a ‘good’ job in the training room is not enough, but rather you want
people to have a ‘great’ experience, then this course
is for you."

John Raymond
Principal, Institute of Executive Coaching
Making Training Magic…
This program is currently only available in-house if you are interested in a public program
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